Here at MedTech Wristbands we provide wristbands to over 4000 festivals both big and small throughout the year, our priorities for each festival are the same: Security, Safety and Create Excitement. So, what can you as a festival goer do to ensure that you have the best experience and remain safe at this year’s most amazing festivals?

Here are some of our top festival survival tips:

Listen, we don’t want to sound like your mom here but the best way to have fun at a festival is to remember to take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water, take time to eat and (ok, forget it I’m gonna be mom here) WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!! Nothing ruins a festival experience faster than being burnt to a crisp. Often times at festivals water is not provided free of charge make sure that you set aside a budget specifically for purchasing water or if you are able bring your own sealed bottle water with you.
If you require medication make sure that you have it with you. First aiders are not allowed to hand out medication so make sure you have an able supply and take it as prescribed.

Remember everyone there has paid for a ticket and has the same goal in mind. To have an amazing time and then go home and brag all about it so be respectful of that, treat others the same way you would want to be treated (that’s Mom moment #2). Everything from cutting lines and smoking in crowds are festival no-no’s. The original music festival Woodstock was all about Peace & Music. Keep that in mind.
If you decide to consume alcohol make sure that you respect the limits set by the venue and more importantly your own limits. Know when what you’ve had is enough.

“What?? Personal hygiene?? Really? I’m in the middle of a field what is she talking about personal hygiene?!?” I know that it might sometimes be hard to maintain a regular schedule similar to that of what we do at home but TRY YOUR BEST! To help prevent the spread of germs that cause sickness make sure that you wash your hands after using the washrooms and/or handling trash. Bring wet wipes with you and antibacterial gel which can be used if you’re in a pinch and don’t have access to soap and water. 

Sometimes our fashion sense gets the better of us when we are planning on attending a festival. (Yes girls I’m talking to you on this one) While us girls always want to look our best, your choice in foot wear will either make your festival experience or destroy it.  Flat comfortable shoes should be worn. Stay away from new shoes and flip flops which can cause blisters. If possible try to rest your feet at night. If the weather is less than ideal be prepared with extra socks, rain boots, or even a second pair of shoes.

Having grown up in a musical family with my dad preforming tons of concerts all over the place I can tell you, there is nothing lame about wearing ear protection! After a 3 day event, the last thing you want is to be yelling “WHAT?!?!?!?” when someone asks how it was.
At IMFCON last year I met an amazing company called EarAngels which offer amazing ear plugs that actually attach right to your earrings! No more lost ear plugs!

If you’ve been to a music festival of any kind you know that festival goers are the most positive, friendly, accepting people around, the mood and attitude certainly reflect that. It’s an opportunity for you to be yourself!

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