How It's Made- Lenticular

Written by Adeline Pinet, July 26, 2018


You may not have noticed, but I am almost certain that you have come across a lenticular image at least once in your life. Whether it was a book or movie cover, magnet, or a children’s toy from the dollar store or a fast food restaurant, Lenticular imagery has been around since the early 1900’s and was most popular in the 1990’s. I’m talking about those cool looking pictures that change or move depending on the angle you looked at it. You may ask “But, how does this image work? What exactly am I looking at here?” all fair questions, and I’m about to make sense of it all for you!

Lenticular Movie Case Example
Example of an Lenticular Movie Case Cover



First, let’s talk about all the different types of effects a lenticular image can create.


Motion Effect

Motion- Lenticular can make an object in the image appear as if it was moving back and forth depending on the angle you are looking at it. For example, we can take two flat 2D images of a man running in action and layer them to appear as if he really is moving his arms and legs and going forward in direction.

Zoom Effect

Zooming- Makes an image appear as if it is getting closer or farther away in distance, or perhaps even shrinking in size.

3D Effect

3-Dimensional- Lenticular images can be used to make normal 2-D objects within an image appear as if they have a 3-D look to them.



Now, how does someone take 2 different images and create a visual effect that shows both images being displayed at different viewing angles? Well, here’s the simple break down, those two images get sliced into equally-spaced strips and re-aligned side-by-side in a alternating order (example below). Next, there are special lenses called Lenticles which are hemispherical in shape that are also placed in equally-spaced strips that are precisely aligned with the image strips below it. The lenticular lens plays a key role in how lenticular images are viewed. They bend light rays either to the left or right side (or up and down depending on the position and type of effect you want to create) so your eyes can only see the one image displayed until you switch viewing angles. With that, we are able to make and see lenticular images! Pretty cool right?





How can you not? Is the real question. Lenticular images can take your guest experience from “meh” to “WOW!” Offer them as a VIP perk, sell them as a souvenir reflecting your venue/event, or, give them away as a branded promotional gift! At MedTech Wristbands, we offer a variety of Lenticular products that you can utilize.

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Rulers/Bookmarks- Perfect for students, libraries, or youth programs. Kids get the BIGGEST KICK out of Lenticular images because they are obviously super cool and fun!

Lenticular Credential Pass Flip Example