You see, at MedTech Wristbands we specialize in full color wristbands which is something that not a lot of wristband suppliers can offer. Why can we offer full color so comfortably? Because we manufacture our bands in house! Allowing us to give the customer what they want. So let’s get into this Color vs. Black business.

To clear things up we aren’t talking about 1 color pre-designed patterned Tyvek wristbands here were talking about Full Color personalized customization. Now that I think we all understand what we’re selling here, let’s talk about why you should make the switch from printing in black to full color.

First of all, wristbands are the perfect way to advertise your brand or more importantly the brand of your sponsors, and nothing catches your attention more than color this is why when companies design their logo its usually a full color logo. My question to you is, why go through all the hassle and expense in designing a color logo only to advertise or showcase it in black ink?

A study done from 1972-1986 took 65,752 ads and divided them into categories by size and color. Median noted scores were tallied and comparisons were made. 54% of individuals remembered seeing the ad which was in 4 colors while only 32% of individuals remembered seeing the ads shown in black and white. The conclusion? An advertiser can expect a higher readership from full color advertisements.

As if the study isn’t enough to peak your interest let’s look at 10 reasons why you should advertise in color:

1. Readers prefer to see ads in color
Today people live in a 4 color world. They are more respective to color than too black and white.

2. Adding color to black and white adds 15% higher recall scores over black and white.
This means that when you advertise your sponsors logo in full color onto a wristbands you can tell them in confidence that just by switching from black imprint to color they have increased their chances of being remembered by individuals by 15%. 

3. Let’s talk engagement 
Color advertisements drive individuals to visit the advertiser 31% more than black and white ads. 

4. Color ads do more
A color ad can do more than just capture attention. Color ads are 9% more appealing to readers, they are 5% more interesting and 18% said they are to be a fresh approach over black and white.

5. Capture your audience’s attention
 Color ads are seen to be 33% more beneficial than black and white as it captures your audience’s attention. They are also 18% more likely to drive individuals to look for more information.

6. Ensure quality that stands out
So far you know 5 key reasons why you should advertise in full color. Here’s the warning. If you’re going to take the leap into full color advertisement do it right! Make sure that you use a company which offers excellent, high quality color reproduction.  There is nothing worse than seeing your image blurry and faded.

7. Because you can!
Maybe you were unaware that you could create your own custom full color wristbands, maybe you didn’t know the benefits. Now, you know not only the benefits but also a reputable company to assist you in your custom designs.

8. The influence of color
Color more closely depicts your brand/image. It can also greatly influence an individual’s attitude and involvement as well as receptiveness to your company.

9. The cost
What if I told you that the cost associated with color is more efficient than ever. Here’s the logic. Color advertisement garners more significant results in excess of the incremental costs.

10. Competitive edge
Color offers more of a competitive advantage to both building your brand as well as standing out against the competition. Strategically, color naturally pulls your eye towards it meaning if you are advertising your brand on a wristband in full color and your competitor is only advertising in black you have more of an opportunity to not only stand out but also set the trend in the market place.