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Fabric Wristbands: The Ultimate Keepsake. 
Written by Adeline Pinet, July 12, 2018


Fabric Wristbands
Imagine your next event. You will need an admission ticket, maybe you want something that will grant certain access to your guests based on their package deal? How about a product that lets your guests make cashless purchases at different POS locations around the venue. What about some sort of souvenir your guests get for attending which doubles as a marketing ploy to capture the attention of the attendee’s friends. Well, forget about purchasing a bunch of different products to do all that. Simply customize a fabric wristband!

Fabric Festival Band
Fabric Wristband used for Festival Admission

Complete customization

MedTech Wristbands offers two types of customizable Fabric wristbands. First, we offer a Sublimation Printed Fabric wristband. These wristbands are printed in full color (including specific PMS colors) on a silky, soft material which is crack and fade resistant, printed on both front and back for a seamless design. Second, we offer Woven Fabric wristbands. These bands can have up to 8 process colors (or even select metallic colors) which are weaved together to create the design. Either option lets you customize your wristband for complete branding and admission needs.

Sublimation vs. woven
Woven fabric vs. sublimation printed Fabric wristband examples

Innovative Technology

Turn your Fabric wristband into an all-in-one event organizer which can be utilized by staff and guests. Adding a soft or hard RFID chip can help reduce queue lines, limit the number of employees being used, give guests access or restrict them from certain areas, link social media accounts and post “check-in” locations, and so much more! RFID inlays can also add to the customer experience by creating a cashless environment. Have your guests register online prior to the event  (where you can ask them to opt-in to receive marketing emails, which means a bonus pre-event marketing contact for you! From there they can pre-load money onto their wristband before the event and make cashless payments at any POS stations located across your venue! Talk about AMAZING! No more handling cash, worrying about lost or stolen credit cards, or long lineups at vendor stalls.

TIP- Generate additional revenue from sponsors by promoting their offers and incentives to your guests by directing them to a landing page after registering online.

Woven Fabric wristband example
Example of a woven fabric wristband with a hard RFID tag

A collectible keepsake

Collecting Fabric wristbands have become quite popular with event goers. Having something to remember the event is not only beneficial to your guest, but to you as well! Fans love to post pictures of their cool fabric wristband designs on their social media channels which attracts their friends too! Plus, it serves as a reminder to join next years event as well!

 Repurposed fabric wristbands