First, I think we need to clarify and understand that there is a difference between types/styles of parks.
To be able to figure out what kind of marketing is going to work best for you, you need to understand what kind of park you are operating.

A Water Park is a park that is dedicated to attractions which involve water
A Theme Park is a park that is dedicated to telling a story or focuses on a specific theme (think Disney)
An Amusement Park is a park that is similar to a carnival environment featuring rides, games of chance, food vendors etc. there is no theme associated with this time of environment.
Knowing what kind of park you are will give you the ability to better understand who your competition is and how you can advance your market share.

When developing a marketing strategy you should consider the following: 

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a) Do you use a variety of different methods to explain your niche?
Instead of just getting your customers to “sign up” for updates on what is new and exciting take the time to show them. Why is your park different? What do you offer that the competitors don’t? unique wristbands which feature exciting promotions or offers that help to engage your customer is a great start! Today our email addresses are as good as gold, it’s pretty much currency and people are less likely to give it away for nothing. Create a customer experience you want to see results from and it benefits not only them but also you!

b) What unique selling proposition or competitive advantage do you have?
Do you offer something that doesn’t compare anywhere else? A ride, a game, food etc? It’s great that you have it but how do you let people know about it and furthermore,  It’s one thing for people to try this exciting product/service that you offer but customers often have to be told WHY they should take advantage of it. There is nothing worse than spending endless amounts of money on something only to find out that nobody knows about it because you forgot to market it, and remember, not all those who attend your park are going to have access to your Twitter or Facebook accounts.
We have seen a lot of parks advertise the newest product/service right on their wristbands. The great thing about this is that your guests are already wearing them so chances of your new feature being noticed is much higher. Another great reason for advertising on your wristband is that after your guests leave the park, they are still promoting the product/service you advertised.

c) Do you frequently conduct research on your patrons to understand what they are looking for when attending your park?
This is vital. It’s the only way for you to ensure that you are giving your guests what they want. While I agree it’s hard to please everyone if you aren’t collecting any data on your guests you could be missing out on common or popular trends which gives your competition a leg up on you. For more information on how collecting data can benefit you check out our blog on big data.

What do you think? Did we miss something? Let us know