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Inexpensive and High quality Wristband Identification for Churches made in Canada

MedTech provides wristbands to a variety of church organizations to be used in an array of different ways. With many churches being the solid foundation of their community, wristbands are used to promote constant awareness, church teams, camps, or simply to promote theme scriptures and/or values. By choosing a custom wristband featuring your church’s name and logo is a great way to get your message out to the people, as well as, provide congregation members a simple way to introduce themselves and the church to others.

Many congregations feature Sunday Schools or Daycare facilities. Our custom detachable wristbands featuring names, logos, and serial numbering, offer parents/guardians a simple, secure way to collect their children after sermons.

More and more church organizations are also holding concerts and special events for their members and the public. Wristbands provide organizers an easy way to manage crowd control, easily keep track of who has paid for admission and who are authorized personnel.

MedTech also provides a large assortment of lenticular items that can be used in fundraising efforts. These amazing wristbands and products definitely bring the WOW factor! They feature standout 3D images and are completely unique. Design your own or take advantage of our amazing in house graphic department to assist you in designing something perfect.