It's Finally Here! Our brand new Galaxy Wristbands

Introducing Galaxy Wristbands

Here at MedTech Wristbands we deal with many of the world’s top event planners who are all in search of the ideal event identification to help them engage with their guests, promote their event sponsors, and create buzz and marketing reach long after the event has ended.

It’s because of great feedback from our Event planners and Festival organizers that we are so proud to announce the launch of our newest adhesive wristband, Galaxy!

In true superhero fashion, let's talk origin story here for a second. As mentioned, it was out of the feedback from our industry leaders that we saw a need for a wristband that truly encompasses all of the benefits of a traditional adhesive wristband with the added value of high-quality marketing potential like digital full-color printing. Wristbands are their number one solution for special event admissions, tracking drinking age verification and sponsorship revenues and we agree with them, that a high-end product is the best way to showcase the versatility of their ticketing solution.

After all, what’s better than a ticket that everyone wears?!

So how is Galaxy wristbands better than just traditional Tyvek wristbands? Simple. Let’s look at some of the problems event planners & festival organizers face when choosing a wristband for their events and how our new Galaxy wristbands solve those common ticketing problems.

Problem 1- You have a bunch of different events at the same time and need to order a variety of wristbands for each of them.

Other wristband companies: It’s a long process to print each wristband and event planners typically incur multiple imprint fees.

Solution with Galaxy wristbands: Quick turnaround in house using our Multi-Message Electronic (MME) printing capabilities, means each of your wristbands can feature a unique message, name, date or sponsor.

Problem 2- You have a short time frame for when you need the bands in hands.

Other wristband companies: Typical turnaround times are up to 5-10 business days needing the bands sooner means you can expect to pay high price additional rush fees.

Solution with Galaxy wristbands: With Galaxy wristbands, we offer standard turnaround times of 3-5 business days with same day printing and shipping available to get you your bands faster than ever before!

Problem 3- You only need a few wristbands for a special smaller event.

Other wristband companies: You’re often charged a box breakage fee or small quantity run fees.

Solution with Galaxy wristbands: With Galaxy wristbands, you can run quantities as small as 25-50 bands without paying any additional “small run fees” or “breakage fees”. Galaxy is also conveniently available in sheets of 10 for easy use and distribution.

Problem 4- How do you showcase the event sponsor to give value to both the attendee and the sponsor?

Solution with Galaxy wristbands: We launched our new Galaxy wristbands with the key focus on sponsorship return. This amazing band allows us to print underside printing to the back of each wristband to showcase sponsors bounce back offers, discounts, websites, etc. Attendees no longer just wear the sponsor but are encouraged to visit their locations to receive a discount or check out their website to learn more. The possibilities for marketing and branding opportunities are endless.

Take advantage of using our new Galaxy wristbands today with a special offer for FREE UNDERSIDE PRINTING!* (*for a limited time)

Galaxy Underside Printing

Well, you heard it here first, Galaxy is the new name in the wristband world and is no doubt one of the fastest ways to get the wristbands you need with the most versatility in high-quality printing options.

Unique full-color digital customization is the new way to enrich and advertise your brand, events, and sponsors. Stay tuned to find out more about how Galaxy wristbands also support full-color electronic data printing, and multimedia (Augmented Reality) effects to get even more out of this superior ticketing solution.


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