Amusment Parks

Our tamper-proof Amusement Park Wristbands are designed for ease of use and visibility for quick entry and monitoring guests. We manufacture high-quality wristbands that can be customized with a logo, message or barcode. If you want high-quality, competitive price wristbands with an unbeatable “Order-To Ship” process, then you need Medtech. Our customers rave about our quality and service for in-stock and custom orders. If you want wristbands with enhanced security features that are durable, superior quality and cost-effective that deliver a seamless experience for your guests, you need Medtech.

Just imagine the possibilities with custom wristbands that feature a unique barcode, special message or your logo for;

• Park Entry, Age Verification & Child Safety
• Enhanced Security and Child Safety Features
• VIP Pass, Credentials
• Health Message (Diabetes, Heart Condition, Disability)
• Sponsor Message or Promotion
• Special Event
• Promotions

Our vinyl and plastic wristbands are best suited for 3–7-day entry, and our vinyl bands are perfect for 7 14-day use. All of our wristbands can be customized with your logo and message.

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