The Importance of Custom Printed Wristbands

The Importance of Custom Printed Wristbands
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So, you are hosting a special event or have a heavy-traffic venue that needs more security and requires ID wristbands, that is great! However, did you realize the 5 most important benefits of customizing your wristbands before you go out to purchase them from a store?



If you buy event wristbands from a store, you need to realize that ANYONE in the same area as you can get those same wristbands. Let us say you purchased the white bands with neon lime stars and everyone who attends your event will get one at the entrance. PERFECT! All your guests need to do is give quick texts to their friends letting them know to get those same white bands with neon lime stars before they come and they can all get in for free! WHAT A NIGHTMARE then, when you balance the tills at the end of the night to realize you had more people than ticket sales. WHAT A FAIL. To prevent this crisis from happening, you can order custom-printed wristbands with your business logo and event date with details that will prevent EVERYONE from going out and getting the same wristbands. Your custom printed bands are exclusive to you, your business, and your event ONLY.

Exclusive Access


Does your event or venue offer more than 1 area for different ticket-holding guests? Eliminate tickets altogether- they are outdated. No one wants to be responsible for holding onto a piece of paper without losing it, especially if there is liquor served at the venue. You can simply customize your wristbands to let staff EASILY differentiate between access holders. For example; you can have a Neon Pink wristbands with your logo + GENERAL ADMISSION, Neon Lime wristbands with “ VIP ACCESS”, another one in Yellow Glow with “UNDERAGE”, and white wristbands with “STAFF” to organize your event access points.


Sponsorship Opportunities


Not only do custom-printed wristbands provide security and admission, but they also provide a place for marketing and promotions: which will entice local businesses or even bigger corporations to pay to use the space. Here is why: Every guest who attends the event or venue will have to wear the admission wristband, which means all of these people will see the custom printed content. After the event, some attendees will most likely still have their wristbands on the next day and it can become a conversational piece to their friends, co-workers, or family. Another great benefit to custom printed wristbands is there's the WHOLE BACKSIDE. This can utilize larger promotions and even callback incentives to bring the band to the sponsor location to claim the incentive in-person after the event! HOW GREAT IS THAT?!

Guest Satisfaction


If you really want to impress guests, go for different wristband materials such as Fabric or Photographic wristbands; these bands still provide excellent security and tamper-proof admission but made from a higher quality material that can be kept as a souvenir afterward! Customized with your business logo, event details, and some eye-catching graphics. Guests will appreciate the extra effort to make their experience more memorable. Another idea, offer VIP guests these specialized products which entice more guests to choose the VIP option instead of general admission. This applies to many types of venues! People who offer seasonal passes, fast passes, cabana access, luxury box seating, backstage access, and more!


Legal Protection


Last and most importantly, wristbands can serve as a legal waiver for guests participating in your event, venue, or place of amusement. Another great way to utilize the space on the back of bands is to add any legal statements about entering and using your facilities. For example, you could put “by wearing this wristband I agree to the rules of the facility/event and am fully aware of the risks, injuries, and injuries causing death. I am also aware that “venue name” is not responsible for lost or stolen items or actions that may result in injury or injuries causing death to myself or other attendees at the “said event”… something like that, but always have a lawyer double check that your waiver is legit first.

In conclusion, it takes time and money to operate your business, successful event sales are crucial to maintaining a profitable business and losing out on money due to counterfeit wristbands is something that can easily be avoided with custom printed wristbands from MedTech Wristbands.

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