Eco Galaxy Adhesive Medical Wristbands 3/4 Inch from $18.14
Free Underside Printing Available. Medical Emergency Wristbands are color coded for easier organization and identification.   For tagging products & people in: - Airports - Governments  - Hospitals and Treatment Centers - Educational Facilities  Our 3/4" Galaxy wristbands feature a 90% material composition which is naturally produced by the Earth. The band is composed of naturally occurring minerals and substances. Good composting in small quantities especially to neutralize acidic soils. Non-toxic and harmless to humans and the environment. 85% of the material contains a major component for biodegradable products. ASTM D06852. This product and its composition can also be recycled back into the natural environment from which it came. View the correct way to tear apart our Galaxy Wristbands. Click on the video below.  
Eco Galaxy Adhesive Wristbands from $20.15
Solid Color 3/4" and 1" inch Eco Galaxy Wristbands are a perfect solution for any occasion or event. Available in 17 different colors. Our 3/4" & 1" Galaxy wristbands feature a 90% material composition which is naturally produced by the Earth. The band is composed of naturally occurring minerals and substances. Good composting in small quantities especially to neutralize acidic soils. Non-toxic and harmless to humans and the environment. 85% of the material contains a major component for biodegradable products. ASTM D06852. This product and its composition can also be recycled back into the natural environment from which it came.  View the correct way to tear apart our Galaxy Wristbands. Click on the video below.
Eco-Friendly Galaxy 3/4" x 10" Kaleidoscope - Promotion $26.15 $15.50
Package of 500 This uniquely designed Kaleidoscope Full Colour Pattern 3/4" Eco-Friendly Galaxy wristband will be sure to have your guests stand out in a crowd. One of our most popular full colour patterns this little wristband has been selling like hot cakes since they are well priced, durable and waterproof; a perfect solution for your event or party. Try customizing these wristbands to feature logos, event information and even bounce back offers where guests can receive a discount on a return visit.
EVO Solid Wristband from $0.33 $1.35
This amazing ECO-friendly awareness wristband is unique as it doesn't contain any latex or silicone making it the perfect "rubber" bracelet for individuals with allergies. Durable and stretchy just like silicone our EVO awareness bands make great promotional advertising items. Ideal for campgrounds, daycares, schools, fundraising events, birthdays, parties, graduations, swimming pools. The possibilities are endless so go ahead and get yours today!
Numbering Service Fee $76.05
PMS Match Service Fee $58.50
Products Tyvek® 1" x 10" Canada Celebration pattern wristbands $34.50
Package of 500 The wonderful thing about this Canada Celebration Tyvek® 1" x 10" pattern is that it showcases all the greatest things about Canada. Sporting a cluster of fun images from fireworks, Canadian flags, adorable little beavers and little red maple leafs, this wristband is a great promotional item or admission ticket to any Canada Day celebration festivities. Made from Tyvek® which is an incredibly durable, stretch and tear resistant and waterproof material this little wristband will hold up in a variety of environments.
Products Tyvek® 3/4" x 10" XXX pattern wristbands from $23.34
Ahoy mateys! X marks the spot with this 3/4" Tyvek® XXX pattern. Completely versatile with it's subtle generic design, this wristband pattern can be used for a variety of events and venues. Commonly used for bars and nightclubs as well as marathons the simple design allows for easy customization of logos, text, event details and waivers. Take advantage of this adaptable wristband design today!
Silicone Solid Wristbands from $1.63
You can't help think about the LIVESTRONG campaign when thinking about Silicone wristbands, who would have thought that 1 little yellow rubber wristband would spark so much attention!?! It's time to focus some of that attention on you. Choose from any PMS shade and start building your next campaign today. Silicone wristbands are perfect for fundraisers, schools, daycares, promotional companies, breweries, conventions and more!
Soft Comfort Plastic 1" x 10", Wide Face, Snapped Wristband from $75.40
Available in 17 beautiful colours these wide face Soft Comfort wristbands feature all of the great benefits of our Soft Comfort L shape bands but have one special unique feature; a wide face front which allows for additional imprint area. This extra space is perfect for customizing. Try adding your logo, event information, guest info, waivers or even rent out this area as advertising space to sponsors! Soft Comfort Wide Face wristbands are soft, durable and waterproof ideal for a variety of different events and venues.
Soft Comfort Plastic 3/4" x 10", L-Shape, Snapped Wristbands from $26.15
Its all about comfort with these soft durable 3/4" x 10" Soft Comfort L-Shape Snapped Wristbands. Imagine all the best parts of both a vinyl wristband and a plastic wristband rolled into one. Stetch and tear resistant, waterproof and extremely light weight these snapped wristbands are most commonly used for Amusement Park fast pass or skip-the-line bands guests rave that they don't get in the way, or feel bulky during a fun action filled day. 16 beautiful colours to choose from!
Tyvek® 1" x 10" Walker pattern wristbands $34.50
Package of 500 In similar fashion to our Bus Rider, Visitor and Parent Pick up wristbands these Tyvek® 1" Walker pattern wristbands are geared towards helping to keep children safe. Available in a highly noticeable visible colour children who walk home can easily be identified by staff and crossing guards. These wristbands are also unique in a sense that they are not always used as wristbands. Many educators or daycare providers will actually tag students backpacks with the wristband to make sure it is clearly identifiable.
Tyvek® 1" x 10" Bus Rider pattern wristbands from $23.34
Child Safety is something we take seriously. Now you can easily keep track of your little bus riders with our bus rider bands. Ideal for tagging children when traveling during school events, bracelets indicate bus #ID, pickup and departure times which helps to prevent a child from being left behind. Try using different colored bands for different bus routes to easily help children know which bus they should get on.
Tyvek® 1" x 10" Checkerboard pattern wristbands from $23.34
This little design makes a big impact! Featured in 6 vibrant colors that are perfect for a wide variety of events and venues including racetracks and family fun centers.
Tyvek® 1" x 10" DAV Drinking Age Verification pattern wristbands from $23.34
This 1" Tyvek pattern wristband features the pattern Age Verified which is a great choice for bars and nightclubs or any event/venue where alcohol is being served. Idenify patrons who are of legal age to consume alcholic beverages at all age events and reduce the risk of underage drinking. Increase your guest experience and boost your profits by reducing your queue times at the bar as patrons won't have to dig for their ID cards each time they want a drink.
Tyvek® 1" x 10" Field Trip pattern wristbands from $23.34
Teachers and schools have a huge responsibility to keep children safe and secure not only in the classroom but also outside of it. With our Field Trip band we offer school officials an easy solution to monitoring their students and teachers in large groups. When travelling as a large party broken into smaller groups, Try using a matching wristband colour for each teacher and his/her students, this helps students to know which group they belong in and who they should report to in the event of an emergency.
Tyvek® 1" x 10" Happy Face pattern wristbands from $23.34
Ideal for family fun centers, bowling alleys, amusement parks, petting zoos and day care centers, our Happy Face wristband available in 6 cheerful colours, is sure to put a smile on anyone̥s face.
Tyvek® 1" x 10" Parent Pickup pattern wristbands $34.50
Package of 500 The perfect band for elementary schools, daycare providers, nursery schools, and Sunday schools. This wristband allows caregivers to properly identify a child’s parents before they leave the establishment. These bands are also great for teachers to identify children at off-site events like cross country meets, where some parents pick their child up directly from the event.
Tyvek® 1" x 10" Visitor pattern wristbands from $23.34
Package of 500 If you are looking for a way to tighten up security and track your visitors, this wristband is the optimal choice! Available in vibrant, noticeable colours which enhance visibility and feature visitor information like Name and Date of visit. These bands are ideal for hospitals, schools, government buildings and retirement homes.
Tyvek® 3/4" x 10" Saturday pattern wristbands from $23.34
This brightly colored highly visible 3/4" Tyvek® Saturday pattern wristband is optimal for monitoring access control and security at Saturday events. Try pairing them with our Friday and Sunday Tyvek® wristbands for the complete wristband line up for weekend events. Available in 3 radiant colours.
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