Amusement Parks

Our Amusement Park wristbands are designed for ease of use and visibility for quick entry and monitoring guests. We manufacture high quality wristbands that can be customized to elevate your brand. If you want high quality, price competitive wristbands with an unbeatable “Order-To Ship” process then you need Medtech. Our customers rave about our quality and service for in stock and custom orders. If you want a seamless experience for your guests then you need Medtech.

Our Tyvek® Wristbands are perfect for amusement parks as they are designed for a single use as they are durable and disposable wristbands. Just imagine the possibilities with custom wristbands that feature a special message or your logo for;

• Park Entry
• VIP Pass
• Health Message (Diabetes, Heart Condition, Disability)
• Sponsor Message
• Special Event
• Promotions

Our vinyl and plastic wristbands are best suited for 3–7-day entry and our vinyl bands are perfect for 7 14-day use. All of our wristbands can be customized with your logo and message.

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