Soft Comfort Plastic 3/4" x 10", L-Shape, Snapped Wristbands $75.40
Its all about comfort with these soft durable 3/4" x 10" Soft Comfort L-Shape Snapped Wristbands. Imagine all the best parts of both a vinyl wristband and a plastic wristband rolled into one. Stetch and tear resistant, waterproof and extremely light weight these snapped wristbands are most commonly used for Amusement Park fast pass or skip-the-line bands guests rave that they don't get in the way, or feel bulky during a fun action filled day. 16 beautiful colours to choose from!
Soft Comfort Plastic 1" x 10", Wide Face, Snapped Wristband $75.40
Available in 17 beautiful colours these wide face Soft Comfort wristbands feature all of the great benefits of our Soft Comfort L shape bands but have one special unique feature; a wide face front which allows for additional imprint area. This extra space is perfect for customizing. Try adding your logo, event information, guest info, waivers or even rent out this area as advertising space to sponsors! Soft Comfort Wide Face wristbands are soft, durable and waterproof ideal for a variety of different events and venues.
Silicone Solid Wristbands $1.95 $4.99
You can't help think about the LIVESTRONG campaign when thinking about Silicone wristbands, who would have thought that 1 little yellow rubber wristband would spark so much attention!?! It's time to focus some of that attention on you. Choose from any PMS shade and start building your next campaign today. Silicone wristbands are perfect for fundraisers, schools, daycares, promotional companies, breweries, conventions and more!
Vinyl 3/4" x 10" L-Shape Snapped Solid wristbands $89.00
Our Vinyl L-shape Wristbands showcase a classic fit with standard printing area. These snapped wristbands are easy to apply and comfortable for long wear. Waterproof by nature, these wristbands will hold up in even the most rugged events. Ideal for hotels and resorts, marathons, mud runs, pools and aquatic centers, as well as, gym and fitness centers this band was built to handle it all. In addition to the great quality of this vinyl wristband, it also features a one time snap closure designed to maximize security as the snap will break if tampered with.
Vinyl 1 1/4" x 9 1/4" 10-Stub Snapped Solid wristbands $104.35
Designed to fit almost any wrist. Our Vinyl wristbands are the most durable security wristband you will ever find. Crafted from a tri-laminate material (3 layers) these wristbands are made to last! They boast a strong one time use snap closure that is tamper resistant as well as 10 attached ticket stubs for guests to redeem on items like food and beverages, contests, giveaways and to even use them as coat checks stubs.
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